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Kangeroo Vision Puzzle

A beautiful hand designed wooden jigsaw puzzle. This product was designed by Western Australian artist Phoebe Booth. There are 19 unique Australian animals, see if you can find them all. Packaged in a sturdy wooden box, this Kangeroo Vision Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle will make the perfect gift for yourself or someone else.

List of animals

Kangeroo, womabat, crocodile, emu, dingo, koala, tasmanian devil, quokka, lorrikeet, tigersnake, gecko, numbat, bandicoot, redback spider, willie wag tail, platypus, echidna, goanna and frilled neck lizard


1 x wooden puzzle 213 pieces, 40cm x 36cm when completed

1 x  stand for box lid (comes in two pieces)

1x wooden box


Makes the Perfect Gift: The puzzle is a piece of artwork in itself and will make for an unforgettable and thoughtful gift.

Unique pieces: Each piece of this puzzle is unique and includes a variety of animal shapes. 

Educational: Promotes concentration and problem solving. Find the spectacular animals found in Australia.

Recommended age: 10+


Designed by Western Australian artist

Western Australian owned and operated business

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